Student: Nuvo plastic in C @ dhs 695 in black, or white with red, green or blue trim. An excellent instrument for a beginner or for class teaching.

Windcraft @ dhs 1,350 made in China but checked by Dawkes technicians in UK. Won the MIA (UK) wind instrument of the year award in 2011 when it was introduced.

Buffet Prodige (formerly B12) : @ dhs 2,600 the instrument preferred by teachers as the best student instrument on the market. Made in Germany.

Because of the ban on export of protected wood, advanced clarinets are not at present available.

Clarinet Buffet Crampon R13 Green Line

Top of the range professional instrument. African blackwood, silver plated keys, double skin pads.

Buffet B12 Clarinet

Now upgraded as the Buffet Prodige. The most popular and successful student clarinet

Windcraft WCL-100

Ideal for beginners on a budget. Manufactured in China but set up and guaranteed by expert technicians in the UK.

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