Student: Nuvo plastic @dhs 695 in white with a choice of different coloured keys. An excellent instrument for a young beginner as it is very light and comes with a curved head that can be replaced with a straight head when needed.

Trevor James: TJ 10X - a very popular, good quality instrument @ dhs 2,200 Silver plated headjoint, body and mechanism

Intermediate: Trevor James Cantabile open hole @ dhs 4,600 Silver headjoint, silver plated body and mechanism.

Other Trevor James instruments are available to order. Browse here: www.trevorjames.com


Advanced: Sankyo CF201 @ dhs 10,500 open hole with B footjoint

All other Sankyo models available to order direct from Japan. Delivery subject to availability. Browse here: www.sankyo.com

TJ - Cantabile Flute


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