String instruments are supplied by two companies, Stentor and Soundpost (Primavera) both of UK. These are established companies that have been supplying schools in the UK for many years. Both brands are made in China, where the instruments are all hand made, and the quality is carefully checked before instruments are sent out from the headquarters in England. All instruments come properly set up with integral adjusters, case, bow and rosin.

The most popular student instruments are the Stentor 1 and Primavera 100 violins which sell at Dhs 630 and the Stentor 2 and Primavera 200 at Dhs 840. There are also more expensive models available for the intermediate player ranging from the Stentor Conservatoire at dhs 1,400 to the Stentor Elysian at 4,525.

We also have a selection of coloured violins for the student that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Blue, pink, purple and red are available in the smaller sizes at Dhs 840.

A small stock of Stentor violas and Primavera cellos are kept, and double basses are available to order. Violas start at Dhs 895 and full size cellos at around Dhs 3,500. Half and three quarter size cellos are also in stock starting at Dhs 2,950.

The Music Room offers a scheme whereby violins can be part-exchanged or returned for up to 50% of their value, according to the condition of the instrument. This has proved very popular with beginners, who start on a small instrument and need to change size as they grow. Sizes of violins available are from 1/16 to 4/4 (full size).

Cellos can also be part-exchanged the amount will depend on the size of the instrument. Ask in the shop for more information.

Advanced players looking for a top quality European instrument are recommended to visit a specialist string dealer in Europe or their home country. Top quality string instruments each have a different character and before making such a big investment it is necessary to try out many different instruments under the guidance of a specialist.

Stentor 2 Violin

Stentor Elysia Violin

Stentor Student 1 Violin


Harlequin coloured violins are also available in various sizes they are in pale blue cases @ Dhs 800 Secondhand instruments are often available. Prices range from dhs 300-400 depending on the condition of the instrument


We have a very popular ‘buy back’ scheme in which the customer can sell or part exchange the instrument for up to 50% of the cost on production of receipt. This is subject to the condition of the instrument.




Stentor violas are available in 15” and 15 ½ “ at Dhs 880 Other sizes are available to order.



Stentor cellos are available in 4/4, ¾, ½ and ¼ sizes in both Stentor 1 and Stentor 2 with similar specification to the Stentor 1 and 2 violins with the optional extra of a string upgrade.

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